3 Ways Immersive Storytelling Triumph Over Traditional Marketing

April 1, 2019

Companies are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to convey their brand story to the consumers, the more deeply their message sticks, the more successful the campaign.


In today's high efficient, technological world, grabbing the audience's attention becomes the number one challenge that many marketers face. But let's not forget about the number two challenge that many seem to disregard: emotional connection that is memorable. 


I often find myself browsing through endless social media feeds, each more exciting than the other. One moment I am crying, and truly, deeply saddened, by plastic pollution that is harming our environment, and next moment I am laughing my head off over a cat video. Sure, my emotions are genuine. However, I could easily dismiss these emotions because there are always new contents to see.  


How can marketers overcome these challenges?


Virtual Reality have been dubbed the ultimate empathy machine by many enthusiast and storytellers all around. What can immersive storytelling do for a brand?

There are many ways to build brand awareness for an organization and virtual reality has an important role to play going forwards as this exciting technology develops. 


There are a few things virtual reality can do for your company:


Full Attention and Focus

Virtual reality brings the audience into another universe, transforming their reality into a fully immersed fantasy. Not only would the brand message be delivered with full attention of the audience, it is completely without distractions. 


Memorable Connections with Your Audience
As our environment gets increasingly faster paced, our attention span gets shorter as well. Now that you have full attention of the audience, how can you make your message memorable? Virtual reality provides a great way for audiences to interact with the virtual environment. This is very significant. Not only does virtual reality captures the full attention of the audience, the participant is now willingly interacting with the content. This type of content sticks with the audience like no other media could provide.


Brand Image

Brands must embrace technology for two main reasons: to remain relevant in the eyes of their customers, and to engage those customers in increasingly empowering ways.

Virtual reality is on the forefront of technology, some even boldly forecasted that it would replace all traditional training in the future. Brands such as Walmart, Ikea, and Verizon are positing themselves as forward and relevant as they adopt virtual reality into their company ecosystem.







Leverage the Power of Immersion to Tell Your Story 

EpixVR provides immersive storytelling experience for brands. 

Through virtual reality and augmented reality, it is now possible to pass insights and experiences from one individual to another through an immersive and interactive way.

www.epixvr.com | info@epixvr.com




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